Our work

Our work is mainly directed to children no matter the age! The classes and our teaching methods are excellent to develop children physical and metal health; body balance, motor coordination, flexibility and also discipline, confidence and respect. 


Capoeira involves music and when you practice Capoeira and become a "capoeirista" (name of the person who practices capoeira), you automatically get involved with Capoeira's musicality. 


Capoeira Nagô family


Capoeira Nagô was founded in 1986 in Brazil, by Mestre Magôo. He began Capoeira in April 10, 1975 with Mestre Ivan (Grupo Capoeira Barra-Vento) in Minas Gerais, Brazil. In 1986, he graduated Contra-Mestre and moved to Petropolis / Rio de Janeiro, where he founded the Association Capoeira Nago Negro of Angola in 1986. 

The following year, an invitation to work in Europe emerged. Mestre Magôo ended the activities of his group in Brazil and moved to Europe (Portugal) taking the opportunity to try to promote capoeira abroad. 


After 30 years of hard working with Capoeira in Portugal, two disciples of Mestre Magôo, Instructor Mila and Graduada Goma, moved to UK to try the opportunity and expand the group Capoeira Nagô around Europe. 

Why should you learn Capoeira with us?


  •    You are part of a vibrant and very happy group   

  • You become more confident 

  • Advantage of learning another language

  • You become part of Brazilian culture

  • Meet other people

  • You tone your body

  • You enter in the world of Capoeira - UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity



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